A little About Me

Stasia2  My name is Anastasia Salvatore-Huhn and I will be fifteen this September. I currently play volleyball on the Markham Wildcats team and go to Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School. I love reading and writing and do that a lot in my free time. I was on the junior basketball team in my grade nine year and am sad that I will not be able to try-out for grade ten. I love listening to music so hopefully along the way, we can stop in for a few Canadian concerts. I attend the Bridge Community Church and love to help out with the kids, getting volunteer hours in the process. Before graduating, my goal is to get one thousand volunteer hours for a chance at a scholarship. I currently have two hundred hours from my grade nine year. When I was seven years old, we moved to Arizona for one year. In that year, my parents and I bonded and became much closer as a family.

This trip is a great experience for me as a student in grade ten.  StasiaThere is so much history all across our country. For example, instead of reading about the tide in the Bay of Fundy, I’ll be seeing it in person. Throughout the year, I’ll be blogging about the different places we visit, amazing food we eat and outstanding people we meet! I can’t wait to try all the traditional Canadian foods like poutine and beaver tails. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


P.S.  Be sure to visit http://www.teenacrosscanada.com for some great pics and vids of our journey!


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