Teen Across Canada Blog – North to Prince George

IMG_2203What an amazing journey we’ve had so far in British Columbia… Creston, Osoyoos, Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, Burnaby, Vancouver, Whistler and Vancouver Island.

20160418_125401.jpgAnd it’s not nearly done! Now it is up to Prince George, in Northern BC, on route to the Yukon.

We passed through 70 Mile House and 100 Mile House, then made pit stops in Williams Lake and Quesnel before arriving in Prince George.

Prince George is the largest city in northern BC. It is known as the “Northern Capital” of British Columbia.  On our first night we went to visit the Prince George Astronomical Society Observatory. They were super nice and taught us about the planets, the moon and our solar system. After our lesson we went up to the observatory to use the telescope and see the moon. A little fun surprise… we got was to see Jupiter! How awesome is that? We could see the planet as well as its four moons. Our moon was huge, bright and beautiful. We could clearly see the craters and basins on the moon. It was so amazing to see it and feel so close even though it’s 370,300 km away!

We learned that Jupiter can be seen with the naked eye for the next few months. Sure enough the next night, we could see it right next to the moon. You know that it’s Jupiter and not a star because stars twinkle and planets don’t. Now we are more and more aware of our solar system and what’s happening in the sky at night.  We also learned about red lights and why they get used instead of regular lights when stargazing. Red light does not degrade a person’s night vision like “white” lights do. Essentially, you can keep your night vision while also being able to see thanks to red lights.  (Check out the video we captured.)

We would like to thank Maurice, who was kind enough to give us the presentation of our solar system and Glen Harris who took hours from his time to show us the moon, Jupiter and a presentation of the Moon. He answered all of our questions and was so amazing to talk to.  Glen came back the next day, at our RV to give us a Star Finder tool. How thoughtful is that? Thank you lots Glen!

As for museum visits, we attended #ExPlace (Exploration Place) and learned about dinosaur finds, the wildlife of the area and the Canadian Games that took place in the Prince George in 2015.  We went to the Railway museum and then had a pleasant surprise with Shaw TV conducting an interview about our journey… how fun!


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