Teen Across Canada Blog – Part 2 Remembering the Island

IMG_1609Our journey around the island would not be complete without talking about the Best Places to Eat on Vancouver Island According to Me! (pics are on our website – TeenAcrossCanada.com)


Ithaca: This, in my opinion, is the best Greek restaurant ever. We had an assortment of things and everything was to-die-for! We had a meatball appetizer which had a cheese-lemon sauce and was so delicious. The best things we ordered were a lamb pita, shrimp and a roast lamb. However everything we ordered was so good I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Thrifty Foods: This is not actually a place to eat but it is one of the best grocery stores. It is clean, friendly, reasonably priced, fresh and carries amazing food. We bought everything for Mom’s birthday dinner from there and were totally pleased. Their bakery has amazing bread and croissants, their seafood section carries fresh and delicious shrimp and lobster and their produce was local and amazing.

Little Tokyo: This is in a plaza near Thrifty’s. We ordered a ‘Sushi Deluxe’ which came with some miso soup, four California rolls and four Canadian rolls. The second time we went back we had a spring roll. Everything was delicious and the service was amazing. They were super nice and made everything right in front of us.

Fry’s: It’s a little bakery that makes awesome soft pretzels. We tried a blueberry Danish and a chocolate croissant too and they were just as good. We got a loaf of bread for dinner which went awesome with our meal.

Fuego: It’s an authentic Mexican restaurant that was so delicious! We had a chimichanga, enchilada and nacho soup. Definitely one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. The server was friendly and it was reasonably priced.


Tacofino: This is the best Mexican place ever! We went back more than once it was so good. It is a small food truck that makes a few different Mexican platters. We tried gringas, which we had no idea what they were. Turns out they’re tacos with a flour tortilla usually filled with cheese, “al pastor” meat and pineapple slices and then grilled in the same manner as a quesadilla. We tried a bean one which has cheese and beans and tomatoes, a chicken one (with chicken, cheese and tomatoes) and a pork one (with pork, cheese and tomatoes). We had a vegetarian, vegan, beef and chicken burrito. Everything we ordered was amazing, I would go back just for that.

Chocolate Tofino: This is probably one of the best chocolate places ever. They hand make everything in the store. They made amazing ice cream, the best I’ve ever had. I tried the strawberry, which is now my new favorite, a mango, a Dutch chocolate, a vanilla, a sea salt caramel and a maple walnut. Every flavor was to-die-for; I would go back there just for that. We tried almost every chocolate there and they were all delicious. We even got a whale chocolate and the proceeds went to save the whales.

Common Loaf Bakery: This bakery is in town and their pastries are made fresh every day. They make amazing brownies, croissants and muffins. They are right in town and in the middle of everything.

Qualicum Beach

Qualicum Foods: This isn’t a restaurant or bakery or café, it’s a grocery store. Surprised? I know. We ended up grabbing dinner on the go from here and it was probably one of the best dinners. We had Chinese food (sushi, rice, noodles, lemon chicken…) and everything was amazing. The store itself was very nice, everything in order and super clean. They had an awesome selection in the deli, the bakery and the produce section.


Coombs Old Country Market: This is more commonly known as Goats on the Roof. It is a market place that has goats on the roof to eat the grass so no one has to mow it. It has been going on since the mid-1970s. We got these pretzel buns which are amazing and tried a ham and cheese croissant which was way better than I thought.  The gelato too was delicious.


Cumberland Village Bakery: They make croissants, donuts, muffins, bread and turnovers from scratch using real ingredients. I really loved the apple turnover and croissant and the bread was amazing to eat with dinner.


True Grain Bread: They have amazing soft pretzels and assorted pastries. They also make an eccles pastry which was surprisingly good. I could’ve eaten tons of their pretzels. Their bread tastes awesome and they have all different flavors.


Noodlebox Port Place: They have pad Thai and stir fry and everything in there smells delicious. The atmosphere in the restaurant is awesome and everything looks so good. I just wish we could’ve tried the Nanaimo Bar spring rolls. If you’re craving Chinese that would definitely be the right place to check out.

Pirate Chips: The second we walked in, it smelled like heaven. They make burgers and fries and let’s not forget that fried Nanaimo Bar. I would definitely eat there all the time!

Powerhouse Living Foods Co.: They are an all vegan, all raw restaurant. We tried a smoothie and the Nanaimo cake and both were amazing. It was definitely a delicious way to be healthy.

Smokin’ George’s BBQ: Fun fact – they were on You’ve Got to Eat Here (the TV show).  We had pulled pork, ribs and sausages and it was delicious. Their coleslaw was even amazing. If you don’t like a vinegar taste though, that may not be the right place for you.

Real Food: They make amazing cakes and their sandwiches and soup looks so good. They make everything fresh and right in front of you. I would definitely eat lunch there every day if I could.


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