Teen Across Canada Blog – A Night at Trattoria

TAC at TrattoriaWe were invited to be a part of the YVRBloggers Meet Up group at the authentic Italian restaurant – Trattoria in Burnaby. The night was filled with so many splendid things.

IMG_1823The restaurant had an amazing ambiance with an impressive display of wine bottles. The wait staff was courteous and friendly. We got to meet Craig, the chef and Daniel, the event planner for the restaurant.  We also had the special treat of meeting Brent, the director of Glowbal Group – the restaurant’s ownership. They all were amazing and super nice!

As an appetizer we had salami, calamari, meatballs and bread sticks on platters. It was a very nice ensemble of foods to taste test for what the restaurant has to offer. For our main course we had a mélange of pastas with a mini steak piece. There was a white sauce pasta and a red sauce which was incredibly spicy.


For dessert we had an assortment of things. There was a chocolate ball, a tiramisu piece and a chocolate covered crunchy caramel piece.


It was a very well balanced meal with a great array of foods to taste test. The servers made the night so fun and the food was so great to photograph. Among all the Foodies photographing the night of wonderful plates, the picture above of my dessert won “Best Photo of the night” – so unexpected!

IMG_1819The YVR meeting was fun and I met some terrific passionate people like Pierre, a chocolate maker from Paris and Sophia, a critique from Zomato.

Overall it was an eventful night in which I  learned a lot!



2 thoughts on “Teen Across Canada Blog – A Night at Trattoria

  1. Dave Wellman and Debbie Kennedy and Ulee is still with us 15 years old and still trucking along says:

    Hello intrepid travellers. So glad you are still out there and having fun. We met you folks in Vacation land Rv Park in Brackley Beach PEI July 7,8 and 9 2015. As I recall you were having an issue with the inverter or some electrical thing. I still have the cap you gave me and it has come in handy several times.

    We are from Vancouver and completed our journey last October only to leave again in December for California, Baja Mexico and are now in Utah slowly heading home.

    The blog is wonderful and looks like the whole trip has been a success – we hope that continues. Thanks for the tip about the water tank I will forward that to a friend we met in the Baja from England his brand new rig required $5000 worth of additional suspension stuff and his water tank emptied – go figure.

    Will continue to check your site. Safe travels.


  2. Thank you so much Dave and Debbie! You are so awesome… We have thought about your words of wisdom as well. Don’t travel much past 6p. It is tough to set up in the night. We are still in Van area…


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